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Baby Elephant

  • Baby Elephant
  • Baby Elephant
  • Baby Elephant

30" x 24" acrylic ink on canvas

I use mostly acrylic and oil on canvas, wood panel, and paper. I also use mixed media. In the past, I have used fabric, dying, cutting, and assembling to build textures. The size of my pieces vary. They range from 5”-by-5” to 8’-by-10’ canvases.

My subjects are animals. I also do abstract paintings. Sometimes, I paint human subjects. I’m interested in human anatomy. When facial features intrigue me, I start to paint the human figure. And I have done landscapes.

I mainly started painting to heal myself, because I was grieving. And now I am painting, of course, because I love it and love animals. But the main reason why I paint is to send a message to people who see my art—I want them to know—that the love of animals is universal. It carries no judgement about their race, sex, gender, etc.